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“Are you going to channel Joan Didion and write an essay about leaving New York?” my downstairs neighbor asked on my last night in the city. I think he was trying to make fun of me? It was Christmas Eve and we were eating takeout Chinese food. My belongings —…

Name aside, Medium is actually pretty big. Most of us have a shortlist of writers we’re drawn to, people whose names appear on our homepages and digests. But there’s always more to discover — so we thought we’d ask: What’s the best story you’ve read on Medium recently? Why do you love it? (Bonus points if it doesn’t already have thousands of claps, but feel free to share anything you enjoyed.)

Hopefully, this will give us all a bunch of great new writers to follow. And at Medium, we’re always looking for new stories and ideas hiding beneath the surface.

Marianne Williamson and Gwyneth Paltrow at the 2019 In Goop Health summit in San Francisco. Photo: Ian Tuttle/Stringer/Getty Images

ByBy the time Marianne Williamson took the stage at the In Goop Health summit in November, I’d had my face depuffed twice. On the floor of Goop Hall, a sage- and eucalyptus-scented showroom with giant windows framing the San Francisco skyline, a sales associate cheerily sold me a $45 jade…

Harris Sockel

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