Gay Sims I Made in 7th Grade

Harris Sockel
5 min readJul 20, 2016

It was the winter of 2000, and I was *just* starting to come out of the closet. Welcome to my journey. I’d like to thank The Sims for letting me create some of my first (small, semi-autonomous) role models.


Freddie was supposed to look like Freddie Prinze, Jr. (who I had a major crush on), but I could never get the facial proportions right. He never had that Prinze pout. Instead of starring in teen slasher dramas, Freddie found a job as a “Subway Musician” through the newspaper (???) and caught a carpool to work every morning. There goes Freddie, catching the carpool to the subway. The sad thing about Freddie is he didn’t come out until three days before he died. He told a neighbor over the phone, and it was awkward, and he drowned in the pool a few hours later on ultra-fast-forward. RIP Freddie. I know what you did last (Sim) summer.


With his robust side part and Kevin Richardson-esque goatee, Philippe was a Hot Sim. He was a Gemini — like me — so he was attracted to his roommate, Todd, an Aries. Philippe showed an early interest in music (I bought him a guitar, and for a week it was the only object that raised his “Fun” bar). After spending some time as a wedding singer, he eventually worked his way into the studio to record his first album (self-titled, simply “Philippe”). At a party the night the album dropped, Philippe kissed Todd. I watched, open-mouthed, as hearts erupted from their necks. Philippe died the next day, when his refrigerator caught fire.


Taylor, a young political activist whose career was derailed by rumors of his sexuality. Throughout his (two-week) life, Taylor harbored a crush on his roommate, Gerald. One night on the veranda, Taylor attempted to flirt with Gerald, but Gerald resisted, pivoting and standing idle for several Sim minutes. This had an unfortunate effect on Taylor, who spiraled into a deep depression and started leaving little piles of trash around the floor of his home.


David: urban, edgy, yet vaguely boyish. David never didn’t have five o’clock shadow, which is how facial hair works in the Sims universe — it was always five o’clock for the lower half of David’s face. The shadow, the grey camo shirt, and the…