Hi Mike!

I’m Harris, a member of Medium’s editorial team. Thanks for sharing your experience in the Partner Program — it’s super helpful as we adjust our systems for rewarding writers. I’m also excited to hear you’ve earned a meaningful amount of money in the program.

You’re right to point out some issues, though. As many writers have noted, payouts can feel inconsistent. They don’t always correlate with claps, and it can be difficult to discern a pattern in the weekly ups and downs. We’re working on making the process feel less mysterious and more predictable.

In case it helps solve some of the mystery, the $100 you received (for the poem that received one clap) was an editorial bonus we experimented with just once. We looked at every story that had earned $0 based on engagement, and awarded $100 to those we considered high-quality (like yours!). It was a one-off, a surprise gift from our editors, and we haven’t done it consistently. Understandably, that can be confusing. We appreciate you (and others) pointing that out :)

Thank you again for the openness, and we hope you’ll give the Partner Program another shot sometime in the future. In the meantime, we’ll be working out the kinks and improving your experience. As always, feel free to send ideas, concerns, questions, qualms, or any other feedback to partnerprogram@medium.com.

deputy editor, human parts @medium. human being.

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